I know it feels like your world is crumbling. And I know you're worried about nearly everything - your children, money, and where you'll live. 
It can be overwhelming.
It can be paralyzing.
.....but when your spouse is a narcissist, things feel a little harder and the road is a bit rockier. Divorcing a narcissist is hard, but it's not impossible if you have some tools in your toolbox to help you deal with the narcissist in your life.

Knock out the narcissist in your life by playing smarter. 
Start by filling your toolbox with some techniques to curb the chaos.

  • The traits of a narcissist so you can identify behaviors when you experience them.
  • How to negotiate with a narcissist and how courts treat narcissists.
  • How to practice self-care and self-preservation so the narcissist in your life stops stealing your energy.
And start one of the biggest invisible shifts needed to outsmart the narcissist in your life your mindset!
You will have lifetime access to the training video.
You will also receive the How to Lose a Narcissist Workbook
  • which process is right for you
  • what you should be doing RIGHT now to get organized
  • what it means to RENEWify your life
And start one of the biggest invisible shifts needed for your new chapter: your mindset!
If you sign up, make sure you watch the videos. It won't help you if it just sits in your in-box. 
You can't quick fix your feelings. Let yourself feel all of the things. It's the only way to heal.

Educating yourself about the narcissist can make all the difference.

That's exactly why I created this Masterclass.
Here is what you will get:
> 1.5 Hour Masterclass to learn the 5 essential phases necessary to lose a narcissist
> How to Lose a Narcissist Workbook

(Plus strategy AND mindset training!)
While you might feel confused and stuck right now, a divorce does not need to define who you are. It's just a moment....and divorcing a narcissist adds another layer of complexity, but you can survive this! You just need the right tools in your toolbox.
You can even come out the other side thriving.

Hi! I'm Renée Bauer.

I'm here to guide you through the journey to your Happy Even After.
Award-Winning Divorce Attorney. Published Author. Founder of Bauer Law Group. Podcast Host. Creator of the d•course.
I’ve spent almost 2 decades as a divorce attorney, and in that time I’ve helped thousands of people transition successfully to life after divorce. But, not only do I live in this space professionally, but I also have been divorced and I intimately know what co-parenting looks and feels like. Every emotion you are feeling right now…at some point or other, I’ve felt it too.⁣
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