• The traits of a narcissist so you can identify behaviors when you experience them.

  • How to negotiate with a narcissist and how courts treat narcissists.

  • How to practice self-care and self-preservation so the narcissist in your life stops stealing your energy.

And start one of the biggest invisible shifts needed to outsmart the narcissist in your life 

your mindset!

You will have lifetime access to the training video.

You will also receive the How to Lose a Narcissist Workbook

Educating yourself about the narcissist can make all the difference

That's exactly why I created this this Masterclass.

  • 1.5 Hour Masterclass to learn the 5 essential phases necessary to lose a narcissist

  • How to Lose a Narcissist Workbook

  • Plus strategy AND mindset training!

While you might feel confused and stuck right now, a divorce does not need to define who you are. It's just a moment....and divorcing a narcissist adds another layer of complexity, but you can survive this! You just need the right tools in your toolbox.

You can even come out the other side thriving

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